The Acutran Capabilities

The Acutran Capabilities is the value we provide to our customers through our transformer customization capabilities and expertise. From our DOE-compliant drawings, to our fast turnaround on quotations and drawings, we offer unparalleled value to our transformer customers.

Acutran's extensive library of over 5,000 validated designs means we can reduce time and risk for our customers. Unlike other transformer manufacturers who can be slow to respond, Acutran provides a two-day turnaround on most quotations, and often delivers new design and approval drawings within three business days.

We also offer UL recognized insulation systems and 3D modeling of transformer designs. These 3D designs, as well as our on-site core production capabilities, streamline the production process, saving you time and money. You can also use these 3D designs to help with clearance issues.

For over 30 years, Acutran has been a recognized name in transformer manufacturing. Our unique capabilities allow us to meet today’s high-efficiency standards. And, we pride ourselves on our Quality Program which is compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

For more information on Acutran Transformer and the Acutran Capabilities, call (724) 452-4130 or complete our quote request form.