Custom Inductors and Reactors

Custom IndustorAcutran specializes in custom inductor and reactor design and offers a complete line of inductors and reactors made to customer specifications.

Custom inductors can be made with or without magnetic cores. Units without magnetic cores are called air-core coils. Those with magnetic cores are called iron-core coils. In a fixed inductor, coils are wound so that the turns remain fixed in position with respect to each other. Adjustable units, on the other hand, either have taps for changing the number of designed turns, or have several fixed inductors which can be switched into various series or parallel combinations.

Reactors: Acutran's dry-type reactors are available in single and three-phase designs.


Inductors: Acutran manufactures custom inductors to meet customer's requirements. This includes high-voltage and power inductors.


Acutran's years of manufacturing experience have enabled us to create a library of designs and specification to work from to meet your needs. We also work with you to help you select the right solution to meet your application.


For more information on Acutran's Custom Inductor Reactor call (724) 452-4130 or complete our quote request form.