Acutran has Dry Type Custom Transformer Manufacturermanufactured and repaired custom transformers, reactors and inductors for over 30 years. We specialize in dry-type designs from 1VA to 3MVA and up to 25kV for low and medium voltage applications. Acutran is a valued supplier to many OEMs for their repetitive orders. Our customers rely on Acutran to meet delivery and custom built features thru our flexible manufacturing processes. We provide engineering support when your application requires custom features.

We pride ourselves on customer service and you will always have access to engineering, operations, and sales. Frequently, we receive inquiries to repair damaged transformers, and reactors. We have a specialized repair process enabling us to identify what materials and labor will need to put failed magnetics back into service.  This is our business.

Acutran serves the following industries; Aerospace, Chemical, Communications, Energy, Food & Beverage, Health, and Telecommunications. We serve these industries with single and three-phase distribution, neutral grounding,  zig-zag grounding, testing, current, potential, constant voltage, ferro resonant, isolation, and autotransformers. Since we have over 30 years of design history at our fingertips we can provide budgetary pricing and visual designs usually within two days.


Acutran's 30,000 square foot facility is located about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because of our location, we can ship products to the major manufacturing centers in the eastern United States in one to three days.


For more information about Acutran High Voltage Transformer Manufacturing call (724) 452-4130 or click to contact us.