Acutran VPI Process

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation is a process where Acutran completely seals a coil thru pressure and a resin.

The steps to the process are as follows:

  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation for TransformersFirst, the coil(s) are placed in a vacuum chamber and a dry vacuum cycle takes place. Drawing all of the air and moisture out of the coil windings. Air pockets over time can lead to insulation deterioration.
  • Next, a resin is introduced into the chamber and a wet pressure cycle forces the sealing resin into the coils layers and saturates the entire winding.
  • The last the coil(s) are baked out to seal the resin forming a hard protection around the windings and insulation. 


The benefits of a Vacuum Pressured Impregnation:

  • Improved dielectrics allowing a higher resistance to ground failures
  • Greater Mechanical Strength
  • Seals Windings against moisture and foreign contaminants
  • Improves heat dissipation
  • Improved Corona and/or partial discharge levels


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