Dry-Type Transformers

Transformers are a critical part of any electrical distribution system. Acutran works with you to determine the right transformer to meet your application requirements.

Acutran offers a wide range of transformer products up to 3,000 kVA and 25kV.Dry-Type Transformer

Because of environmental concerns and safety, dry-type transformers are the preferred transformer choice. Dry type offer low maintenance performance and are designed with thermal management, noise suppression and demonstrated field reliability as key operating indicators.

Our premium transformers are built to meet our customers' specifications. We offer a low profile for mining applications as well as special voltages, ratings and unique power requirements as required.

We build single-phase and three-phase models for numerous industries and applications.  With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can provide competitive pricing for single quantity runs as well as multiple units. Acutran’s expert manufacturing staff will complete your project on time and as specified.


Acutran's dry-type transformer offerings and capabilities include:

  • Low and medium voltage models
  • Low-corona designs in all voltage classes
  • Distribution transformers in all configurations
  • K-rated or harmonic environment and rectifier-duty models
  • Scott-T connected models
  • Models for specific applications including: control-power, special-voltage, step-up and step-down, rectifier, mine, and furnace
  • Custom footprint designs
  • Low profile designs
  • High-efficiency designs which result in significant operating cost savings.
  • Designs which meet or exceed NEMA TP-1/Energy Star specifications
  • Custom integration with all auxiliary equipment including fused disconnects, input and output circuit breakers and switchboard panels
  • NEMA 1 through 3R enclosures
  • Extensive monitoring and communications options available
  • Electrostatic shield between windings designed to attenuate noise


Why Dry-Type Transformers?

Transformers are one of two main types, dry and oil filled. Dry types offer many advantages over the oil filled transformers including environmental concerns, fire safety concerns and better maintenance over oil filled units. In fact, dry transformers have become the most recommended type of transformers for the reasons listed above. Let’s take a look at each reason.

Reduced Maintenance
Dry-type transformers are solid state and have no moving parts requiring replacement or maintenance and operate for long times without any issues. There is no oil to be replenished and are produced to ISO 9001 standards for quality.

Fire Safety
Dry-type transformers offer a safe and proven track record of power and do not require safety precautions like being installed in a fire proof vault or requiring venting of gases like some oil filled units. Because of these features, dry type transformers are ideal for high-rise structures, schools, factories or anywhere fire safety is an environmental concern.

What is Dry Type?

Some transformers are cooled by oil to reduce the heat generated within the electric core of the transformer. Dry type transformers use air to cool the cores and don’t require an oil or lubricant to cool the cores. Our dry transformers are voltage changing (Step-up or Step-down) and use cooling ducts to allow air flow thru the coils for cooling.
  • Acutran will develop a design which meets your specific requirements. Custom connections, mounting arrangements and any other requirements for your application are no problem for our design experts. We will develop a design and quotation quickly leveraging our extensive design library and design tools. Regardless of your application, requirements or timeline, you can rely on Acutran for dependable integrated power magnetic solutions.


Where to Start?

Buying the right tranformer to meet your requirements cannot be done strictly online. We at acutran invite you to contact us with your specifications so that we may manufacture a custom transformer that will meet and exceed your needs and expectations.


For more information about Dry-Type Transformers call (724) 452-4130 or click to contact us.