Acutran specializes in the design and manufacture of Helmholtz Coils including line reactors and inductors and other magnetic coil products.  No coil design is too challenging for our design and manufacturing teams. We have designed coils used in:

  • Electromagnets
  • Helmholtz and Maxwell coils
  • Chokes
  • Loading coils
  • Saturable reactors
  • Bifilar coils
  • Inductive sensors
  • Inductors heating coils
  • Rogowski coils
  • Flux gates

Helmholtz Coils

What are Helmholtz Coils?

A Helmholtz coil (named after Hermann von Helmholtz a German scientist and philosopher who made fundamental contributions to physiology, optics, electrodynamics, mathematics, and meteorology.) is an electric device that generates a uniform magnetic field consisting of two identical circular magnetic coils positioned on opposing sides along a common axis, and separated by a distance equal to the radius of the coil. The coils have the identical current flow going through them and in the same direction of flow. Helmholtz coils are traditionally round or ovoid but may also be made with rectangular coils (See Photo).

How are they Used?

These coils are used in a variety of applications primarily to cancel the earth’s gravitational force or to generate a specific magnetic field for experiments or components in transformers. Acutran manufacturers these coils as a part of our custom transformers for our customers.
In our more than thirty years of manufacturing we have created Helmholtz Coils to meet many special winding applications which other coil manufacturers could not produce.

How is a magnetic field generated?

Magnetic Fields are generated when a charge is in motion whether that be around itself or moving through space. This charge is called a current and is measured in coulombs per sec or ampere. A magnetic fields strength is measured at a point in space referred to as the field point. The magnetic field of a Helmholtz coil is between the two coils as described above.

How may we help you?

Our in-house engineering staff and design team will work with you to produce a special winding application that meets your requirements. Call us today to develop a quote for your custom magnetic or coil project today.

For more information about our Helmholtz Coils and other custom Magnetics call (724) 452-4130 or click to contact us.