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Transformer Products for Maximum Service Continuity

Acutran designs and manufactures dry-type custom transformersreactors, inductors, coils, and magnetics from 10VA to 3000kVA and up to 25kV. Our engineers have a 35-year track record of practical, field-proven experience that helps us create dynamic custom industrial power distribution systems for mining, heavy industry, equipment manufacturing, military, solar, battery charging, transportation, and more. If you have a problem, Acutran can help solve it. After all, Transformers Are Our Business.

High Capacity and Performance

Reliability and performance are critical in mining applications. For more than 35 years, Acutran has been providing field-proven low-profile power transformers. These units are rated from 10kVA to 3000kVA with primary voltage parameters from 7200V to 22000V. That’s why major mining companies and mine service providers in North America trust Acutran for robust and rugged solutions for their power centers and power distribution systems.


Heat treating furnaces need industrial control

Improving Industrial Control

As an industrial transformer manufacturer, Acutran produces an array of custom transformers to meet the specific control power demands of steel mills, melting furnaces, heat treating furnaces, paper mills, and other demanding environments. With a variety of voltage requirements, Acutran is able to provide an insulation system for units using 600V that meets or exceeds the standards established by NEMA, ANSI, UL and cULA.


Switchgear equipment operate optimally with control power transformers

Accurate Power Sensing

Control panel, switchgear, load bank, and equipment manufacturers can benefit from Acutran’s extensive library of more than 5000 designs for their industrial applications. Control power transformers are designed and manufactured to your specific needs from 10VA to 25kVA and beyond. With sub-600V requirements, Acutran’s UL-listed insulation system will protect your equipment from unforeseen electrical volatility.

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Other Industries


Washington DC landmark signifies the use of custom transformers by federal government agencies


Dry type transformers facilitate power distribution at airports


Dry type and oil-filled transformers meet the requirements of oil, gas and chemical industries


Light rail and heavy rail spec custom transformers


Dry type transformers are used to accommodate electrical loads in commercial buildings


An electric utility meter shows that low and medium voltage transformers are needed by utilities, business, industry to distribute electricity
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