Custom Potential Transformers

Potential TransformerAcutran manufactures low and medium voltage potential transformers (also called voltage transformers) as a dry-type. We specialize in designing and building customized potential transformers.
A potential transformer converts voltages from a higher voltage and reduces it to lower voltage in a power transmission systems, and steps the voltage down to a value that can be metered. This voltage conversion, or step-down, is linear and can work on single and three-phase systems. Potential transformers are attached at the point where it is convenient to measure the voltage.

Acutran's Potential transformer offerings include:


  • Potential TranformerDry-type construction
  • Copper wound
  • Designed at 200° or 220°C Insulation
  • Standard or custom mounting and connections
  • Standard or custom temperature rise designs

Acutran's extensive library of validated designs means we can reduce time and risk for our customers. Acutran provides a two-day turnaround on most quotations and often delivers new design and approval drawings within three business days.



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