Acutran provides transformer testing services prior to shipment by factory experts, using accurate state-of-the-art equipment on all Acutran transformers in accordance with the latest ANSI, IEEE, IEC, and/or NEMA standards.

Our testing suite will include these tests as required by customer specification:

  • Measurement of winding resistance, measurement of the voltage ratio
  • Polarity and phase ┬ádisplacement
  • Measurement of no-load loss and no-load current (excitation current)
  • Measurement of short-circuit Impedance and load loss.
  • Temperature rise test
  • Dielectric validation
    • Applied voltage test
    • Induced voltage test
    • Partial discharge measurement
  • Applied voltage
  • Induced voltage Impulse
  • Measurement insulation resistance
    • Measurement of dissipation factor (DF), (Tan ╬┤)
    • Measurement of insulation power factor
  • Audible sound level Test

Certified test reports are available when required. Acutran welcomes customers to witness their transformer testing with prior arrangements.

Custom transformer quote and design within 48 hours