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Dry-type transformers are a critical component in all electrical systems. Acutran Transformers uses only the best winding and insulation materials for our customer’s products, combined with either a distributed gap, E&I laminate or mitered core. Our products are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and care.

As a dry type transformer manufacturer, Acutran provides custom units from 10VA to 3000kVA with voltages up to 25000V. New transformers are built in accordance with ANSI/IEEE standards and DOE 2016 energy efficiency standards (where applicable).

Mining, industrial, aviation, medical, and transportation companies and the military use Acutran as their preferred transformer solution for critical power applications. From the highest possible material quality to excellent engineering support, we’ve proven ourselves to our customers again and again.

Multiple quality control checkpoints, from the beginning to the end of our production cycle, result in products you can rely on 100%. Our transformers are uniquely identified, insuring full accountability throughout the manufacturing process.

Our history is a big part of the trust our customers have in Acutran. With more than 35 years of experience – Transformers Are Our Business.

Features of Acutran Custom Dry-Type Transformers:

  • 50Hz and 60Hz designs available
  • 1kVA through 3000kVA
  • Copper or aluminum windings
  • Multiple insulation systems from 200oC and 240oC
  • Customized primary and/or secondary voltages
  • Fuses available for both primary and secondary coils
  • Reconnectable primary & secondary combinations to meet your application’s needs
  • Enclosures available in all NEMA levels
  • UL-recognized insulation system for units under 600V

Dry-Type Transformers vs. Oil-Filled Transformers

Transformers are one of two main types, dry and oil filled. Dry types offer many advantages over the oil-filled transformers including environmental problems, fire safety concerns and better maintenance over oil-filled units. In fact, dry transformers have become the most recommended type of transformers for the reasons listed above. Let’s take a look at each reason.

  • Reduced Maintenance
    Dry-type transformers are solid state and have no moving parts requiring replacement or maintenance, and operate for long times without any issues. There is no oil to be replenished and are produced to ISO 9001:2015 standards for quality.
  • Fire Safety
    Dry-type transformers offer a safe and proven track record of power and do not require safety precautions like being installed in a fireproof vault or requiring venting of gases like some oil-filled units. Because of these features, dry-type transformers are ideal for high-rise structures, schools, factories, or anywhere fire safety is an environmental concern.

What is Dry Type?
Some transformers are cooled by oil to reduce the heat generated within the electric core of the transformer. Dry-type transformers use air to cool the cores and don’t require an oil or lubricant to cool the cores. Our industrial dry type transformers are voltage changing (Step-up or Step-down) and use cooling ducts to allow air flow through the coils for cooling.

Acutran will develop a design which meets your specific requirements. Custom connections, mounting arrangements and any other requirements for your application are no problem for our design experts. We will develop a design and quotation, quickly leveraging our extensive design library and design tools. Regardless of your application, requirements or time line, you can rely on Acutran for dependable integrated power magnetic solutions.

Where to Start?
Buying the right transformer to meet your requirements cannot be done strictly online. We, at Acutran, invite you to contact us with your specifications, so that we may manufacture a custom dry type transformer that will meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

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