Custom Air Core Inductor - Dry Type Reactor Acutran
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An Acutran dry-type reactor, which is available in single and three phase designs

Improving Power Quality

As a inductor and line reactor manufacturer, Acutran specializes in custom inductor and reactor design, and offers a complete line of inductors and reactors made to customer specifications.

Custom inductors can be made with or without magnetic cores. Units without magnetic cores are called air-core coils. Those with magnetic cores are called iron-core coils. In a fixed inductor, coils are wound so that the turns remain fixed in position with respect to each other. Adjustable units, on the other hand, either have taps for changing the number of designed turns or have several fixed inductors which can be switched into various series or parallel combinations.

Dry-Type Reactors

Acutran manufactures dry-type reactors available in single- and three-phase designs.  Line reactors are current-limiting devices and oppose rapid changes in current because of their impedance. They are used to hold down spikes in current and limit any peak currents.  Dry-type reactors don’t require oil and are more environmentally safe than units filled with oil.

Iron & Air Core Inductors

Inductors are an electric component which can store energy in the form of a magnetic field. They can also be used to filter specific signals. Acutran manufactures both iron- and air-core Inductors. Iron core uses various styles of metal cores such as Toroidal or Laminated Steel. These cores consist of Iron or silicon steel-based metals, which increase inductance. These can be made with or without magnetic cores. Units without magnetic cores are called air-core coils. Those made with them are called iron-core coils.

Acutran also manufactures custom radial air-core inductors on various dielectric materials. Custom air core conductors are lower in inductance and have fewer energy losses found in steel core inductors. Both the iron and air can be designed with custom frequencies ranging from 50Hz to 400Hz.

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