Autotransformers & Ferroresonant Transformers

Autotransformers & Ferroresonant Transformers

An Autotransformer is an electrical transformer with only one winding. This winding supplies both the primary and secondary voltages, whereas an ordinary transformer has two windings not connected. This style of design has three taps where electrical connections are made because part of the winding is performing
two functions.

These types of transformers often are smaller, lighter and less expensive than a standard transformer. Though there are drawbacks from these designs, since there is no isolation between the primary voltage and secondary voltage, which can be provided on a standard transformer.

Acutran’s ferroresonant transformers are a special type of laminated transformer that provides a regulated output. These are custom-designed ferroresonant transformers and built to your specifications.

Ferroresonant transformers provide a regulated output. Sometimes known as “Ferros” or “CVTs” (constant voltage transformers), ferroresonant transformers have the ability to supply a well-regulated output voltage, which will remain constant despite changes in input voltage and load.

Acutran’s extensive library of more than more than 5000 validated designs means we can reduce time and risk for our customers. Unlike other transformer manufacturers who can be slow to respond, Acutran provides a two-day turnaround on most quotes and often delivers new design and approval drawings within three
business days.

Custom transformer quote and design within 48 hours