Constant Voltage Transformers

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Constant Voltage Transformers

Acutran specializes in constant voltage transformers (CVT) and power conditioners. Our capabilities include the design and manufacture of a wide range of high-voltage constant transformers.

A CVT (Ferro) uses the unique principle of Ferro resonance. When the iron core of a transformer is in saturation, relatively large changes in the winding current will result in very small changes in the magnetic flux. Winding current and magnetic flux are proportional to the input and output voltage, respectively. This means that relatively large changes in input voltage will result in small changes in output. This is its fundamental purpose.


Acutran’s CVT and power conditioners include:

  • Harmonically compensated Ferroresonant design
  • The output voltage of +/- 2% with an input voltage of +10/-20%
  • Single-phase CVTs up to 35 kVA
  • Three-phase CVTs up to 50 kVA
  • Applications include uninterruptible power supplies, telecommunications equipment, and other voltage-sensitive loads

Acutran’s years of experience in manufacturing transformers and our extensive library of more than 5000 drawings enable us to reduce turnaround times on quotes and approvals. Unlike other transformer manufacturers who can be slow to respond, Acutran provides a two-day turnaround on most quotes and often delivers new design and approval drawings within three business days.

Custom transformer quote and design within 48 hours