Control Power Transformers

As a designer and manufacturer of standard and custom control power transformers, Acutran specializes in control power transformers that are single-phase and used to supply control power in switchgear, motor starters and distribution equipment.

Acutran offers complete customization on you CPT design, with some of the standard features.

Control Power Transformer Features

Power Rating50VA through 75kVA Single Phase
Primary Voltage575V, 995V, 2400V, 4160V, 6600V, 7200V, 12470V, 13800V, 14400V, 22000V
Secondary Voltage120/240V, 240/480V, 600V
CoolingSelf Cooling
Frequency60 Hertz(50/60Hz Optional)
Insulation System180°C or 200°C
VarnishVacuum Pressure Impregnation
StandardsUL 5085-1, UL 5085-2, UL 1561, CSA 22.2
AccessoriesFuses, terminal blocks, shielding, enclosures
CustomAll attributes are customizable through Acutran

Acutran specializes in custom inductor and reactor design, and offers a complete line of inductors and reactors made to customer specifications.

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