Current Transformers

Acutran offers a wide range of industrial current transformers that are used in metering applications and to safely measure large currents. Sometimes current transformers, together with a voltage transformer or potential transformer, are known as an instrument transformer.  When the current is higher than can safely be applied to a measuring instrument, a current transformer produces a current which is proportional to the current in the primary circuit. The magnetic field of a custom current transformer induces a proportional current in a second circuit which can then be measured by metering instruments. The primary function of a current transformer is to measure the current, provide metering, and step the current up or down. Current transformers are an integral part of an electrical distribution grid and many types of test equipment. Acutran has designed and manufactured many custom current transformers with removable yoke designs with ratios from 5:5 up to 65,000:5.

Acutran’s custom current transformers will meet IEC 61869 and IEEE C.57.13 standards, depending on your specific design requirements. All current transformers are tested to ensure safety and accuracy before shipping.

Accuracy and dependability are paramount in current transformer applications. We will make a design that meets your requirements using our proprietary design tools and extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing current transformers.  Custom mounting is available to make our current transformer fit in your application. Our team will develop a design quickly please call our sales staff today to discuss your requirements.


Acutran’s transformer and system offerings and applications include:

  • Three-phase zig-zag grounding transformers, both continuous duty, and limited duty
  • Three-phase applications include electric utility power systems, mine power systems, commercial power systems, and high-resistance grounding
  • Single-phase grounding transformers and grounding systems for electric utilities and other users

Acutran can reduce time and risk for our customers with our drawing library of designs and systems. Acutran understands that time is money and we can provide a two-day turnaround on most quotes, and often delivers new design and approval drawings within three business days.

Custom transformer quote and design within 48 hours