Isolation Transformers

An isolation transformer is used to protect circuits, sensitive equipment and people from shocks, short circuits, DC transmissions, and ground loop noise. When electrical isolation is necessary, an Isolation transformer can provide the protection between an AC power source and the components on the other side of the isolated circuit. The isolation is created without the need for a direct connection and is accomplished through the magnetic properties designed into the Isolation transformer.  This protection is created when designing the Isolation transformer by using special insulation and shielding requirements between the power input winding and the secondary winding output feeding the protected circuit. These transformers are commonly used in computer equipment, medical devices and laboratory instrument applications.

An isolation transformer can also be used in DC and AC variable-speed drive applications. These are known as drive isolation transformers. Since this type of transformer also has a separate primary and secondary winding, they too can provide a protection between the incoming line and the SCR load. Often these isolation transformers are designed to withstand 150% of the rated load for one minute or as customer definedIsolation transformers manufactured by Acutran meet the highest standards required by C57.110-1998 and are commonly built with multiple shields to provide the very best product for our customers. 

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