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Reducing Effects of Harmonic Currents

In today’s fast-paced electronic world, it’s critical that your power is stable and ready to go. K-Factor rated transformers help stabilize the variable demands of your electronic equipment. Items like laptops, printers, copiers and terminals all use switching mode power supplies for their operations. A K-Factor rated, or non-linear load, transformer helps modulate the harmonic distortion caused by non-linear loads or pulse loading.

Harmonic power usage impacts your electrical system by:

  • Causing your neutrals in panel controls and transformers to run hotter than their rating
  • Fuses & current breakers can fault prematurely

K-Factor rated transformers are designed to handle a degree of harmonic load currents without overheating. IEEE C57.10 outlines the calculation and classification of the different K-Factor segments, but the critical segments that Acutran designs for are 1, 4, 13, and 20. 

As a harmonics mitigating transformer manufacturer, Acutran offers the right K-factor segment for your industry

K-Factor Description
K-Factor 1 Motors, incandescent lighting, resistance heating, motor generators (without solid-state drives)
K-Factor 4 HID lighting, induction heaters, welders, UPS with optional input filtering, PLC, and solid-state controls
K-Factor 13 Multiple receptacle circuits in healthcare facilities, UPS without optional input filtering, production or assembly line equipment, schools and classroom facilities
K-Factor 20 SCR variable speed drives, circuits with exclusive data processing equipment, critical care facilities, hospital operating rooms
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