Neutral Grounding & Zig-Zag Transformers

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Neutral Grounding Transformers

Acutran has developed a number of designs for neutral grounding transformers and systems. These transformers can also be used for high-resistance grounding, which is becoming increasingly important.

Grounding transformers are typically used to provide a relatively low impedance path to ground, which maintains the system neutral at or near-ground potential. They can limit the magnitude of transient overvoltages when restriking ground faults occur, as well as provide a source of ground fault current during line-to-ground faults. In addition, neutral transformers and systems can permit the connection of phase-to- neutral loads, when desired. Neutral grounding transformers such as these can be single- or three-phase to protect equipment from faults. All of Acutran’s neutral units are built with UL-recognized insulation systems to meet the requirements of numerous applications.


Acutran’s transformer and system offerings and applications include:

  • Three-phase zig-zag grounding transformers, both continuous duty and limited duty
  • Three-phase applications include: electric utility power systems, mine power systems, commercial power systems, and high-resistance grounding

Single-phase grounding transformers and grounding systems for electric utilities and other users

Acutran can reduce time and risk for our customers with our drawing library of more than 5000 designs and systems. We understand that time is money and we can provide a two-day turnaround on most quotes, and often delivers new design and approval drawings within three business days.

Zig-Zag Transformers

Acutran’s zig-zag transformers are special purpose, three-phase grounding transformer  using three windings, appropriate for specific applications. 

A zig-zag transformer is a three-phase grounding transformer built without a secondary winding. Each phase has two identical windings which are wound opposite of each other. To design a zig-zag transformer for your application, Acutran needs your system’s voltage, current and duration of the fault. We have more than 100 designs of zig-zag transformers in various ratings, so we can build the appropriate transformer to meet your specific needs.

Custom transformer quote and design within 48 hours