For Neutral Grounding and Custom Applications

Dry-type zig zag grounding transformers are another example of Reliable Custom Transformers being built by Acutran.

Neutral grounding dry-type transformers are special purpose transformers that provide a grounding path for a delta connection or an ungrounded wye.

Generally used to protect an isolated 3-phase system in the event of a line-to-ground fault, grounding transformers provide a lower impedance path-to-ground for ground faults which shields the non-faulted phases from voltage spikes.

Neutral grounding transformer units aren’t typically used in commercial or industrial applications because they do cost a little more than your conventional dry-type transformer. But if you need a ground – this is the way to go.

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Acutran Custom Dry-Type Neutral Grounding Transformer Features

  • Zig zag or single phase w/ grounding resistor configurations
  • 50, 60 & 400Hz
  • Up to 25kV
  • Copper or aluminum windings
  • UL-recognized insulation system for 600V class up to 220oC
  • Custom continuous amperage sizing and fault current carry times
  • Custom ohms/phase design ability
  • Custom enclosures with strip heaters and thermostats to reduce condensation

How to Spec a Zig Zag Transformer

  • Continuous neutral current
  • Neutral fault current and duration
  • Line voltage and BIL
  • Impedance requirement
  • Temperature rise
  • Enclosure type
  • Special items
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