Grounding Source During Abnormal Conditions

Dry-Type Zig Zag Grounding Transformers are another example of Reliable Custom Transformers being built by Acutran.   

Zig Zag transformers area special purpose three phase transformerused in power systems. Even though this type of transformer connection is not useful in transforming power, it has many features needed in today’s power generation systems. 

  • A Zig Zag can provide a relatively low-impedance path to ground, thereby maintaining the system neutral at or near ground potential.
  • It can also be used to limit the magnitude of transient overvoltages when restriking ground faults occur.
  • A Zig Zag permits the connection of phase-to-neutral loads when desired. 

Typical applications are delta connections requiring a ground, wind and solar farms, and generator applications. 

Acutran Custom Dry-Type Zig Zag Features 

  • 50, 60 and 400Hz 
  • 1kVA up to 3MVA and up 25kV 
  • Copper or Aluminum Windings 
  • UL-Recognized Insulation System for 600V Class at 200° and 220°C Insulation 
  • Custom Continuous Amperage Sizing and Fault Current Carry Times 
  • Custom Ohms/Phase Design Ability 
  • Custom Enclosures with Strip Heaters and Thermostats to Reduce Condensation
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