Before and after photos of the reverse engineering a transformer undergoes at The Transformer Repair Shop at Acutran

Welcome to The Transformer Repair Shop at Acutran

Acutran understands the high cost of replacing a transformer and the need to extend its useful life. That’s why we created the REPAIR, REWIND, & RETURN program at The Transformer Repair Shop. We offer custom transformer maintenance services for any dry-type transformer, from ANY manufacturer.

What Can be Repaired?

As a custom designer and manufacturer of dry-type transformers, reactors, and inductors, Acutran can offer a simple overhaul, a completed rewind, or a new unit. At our industrial dry type transformer repair shop, we use only the best materials available, along with excellent craftsmanship to exceed industry standards.

  • Dedicated engineering team to evaluate your damaged transformer
  • 21-point checklist to ensure quality control
  • Return an exact clone of your transformer
  • Refurbish and qualify salvable components
  • Flat evaluation fee, returned with purchase order for repair