Testing Services

Acutran provides transformer testing services prior to shipment, Acutran factory experts using accurate state-of-the-art equipment conduct testing on all Acutran transformers in accordance with the latest ANSI, IEEE, IEC, and/or NEMA standards.
Our testing suite will include these tests as required by customer specification:


  • Transformer Testing ServicesMeasurement of winding resistance. Measurement of the voltage ratio
  • Polarity and phase  displacement
  • Measurement of No load loss and  No Load current (excitation current)
  • Measurement of Short-circuit Impedance and load loss.
  • Temperature rise test
  • Dielectric validation
    • Applied voltage test
    • Induced voltage test
    • Partial discharge measurement
  • Applied voltage
  • Induced voltage Impulse
  • Measurement Insulation resistance
    • Measurement of dissipation factor (DF), (Tan δ)
    • Measurement of Insulation Power Factor
  • Audible sound level Test


Certified test reports are available when required. Acutran welcomes customers to witness their transformers with prior arrangements.



For more information about our Transformer Testing Services call (724) 452-4130 or click to contact us.